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Tall ornamental evergreen, ‘palm-like’ plant with large board leaves. Produces blue, white and purple flowers during spring and early summer.

Commonly known as the ‘giant white bird of paradise’, this plant is ideal for creating a tropical effect in the garden.

Will thrive in a rich, moist, well-drained soil in a sunny to part shade position. Protect from direct hot sun, keep moist in dry weather.

(H) to 8M – (W) to 3M

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Up there among the most popular and sought after indoor plants, the “Bird of Paradise” is an evergreen, robust and vibrant plant that has broad green leaves. The leaves of this beauty grow in large banana-like fan formations. In its natural outdoor habitat, the Giant Bird of Paradise would grow six metres in height! Never fear, keeping this plant indoors will significantly stunt it’s growth while giving you the added opportunity to properly marvel in its growth as new stalks and leaves emerge. It is a classic indoor plant that will bring a touch of tropical elegance to any room


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